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Business Account access limited

New Community Member

Business Account access limited

Hi, I sent an invoice out and the customer paid the invoice. Once it was paid PayPal limited my account. But here's the problem. I can't physically give them everything that they need. I run a consulting company. I do web, sales, marketing consulting. How do I provide tracking that an item has been shipped? How do I provide them with a receipt of the goods that I purchased? I didn't purchase anything and I can't ship my advice lol. Wouldnt the customer paying for the invoice show the job is complete? Why wouldn't they just call them to verify the transaction and not ask me to provide things I cannot provide?


I am having the hardest time with trying to reach someone at Paypal to tell me where to go from here. I need to get these funds because I have a lot of other jobs that I am waiting to be paid on and Im not trying to risk having all of my payments locked up for an indefinite amount of time while I get generic auto responses from their "agents" 


Any advice would be great to help me solve this. 


Thank you!


Manny H.

New Community Member

Re: Business Account access limited

Me too...would never have started the account if I had known it to be SO difficult