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Blocked Paypal

New Community Member

Blocked Paypal

Hello guys, I am legit selling scripts for the game on the tebex platform, and I get some amounts, then I get amounts from a friend and I'll look after a while and account it's blocked.

I have a confirmation from Tebex about everything on email, a friend sent me amounts between 200-2000 CZK mostly, at the moment I have 771 CZK there and I can't choose it, I would like to choose it.

I can't write for support, so what should I do? Currently 771 CZK is a big amount for me.

Have i nice day 🙂


Re: Blocked Paypal

Hi @Scoobiik,


I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with your account. If your account is limited and you would like to withdraw your funds, you will need to resolve the limitation within your Resolution Center. You can find out more about resolving limitations here. I hope this helps!

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