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Re: **Beware**Gumtree**Scam**



Yes if you read the many threads on this forum over the last 15 years you will see its a common scam.

Normally someone puts on a post like yours about 50 times a day.

Advice is VOLUNTARILY given.
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Re: **Beware**Gumtree**Scam**

It’s January 2020 and we’ve just received the EXACT WORD FOR WORD email from a Kate.  


They also sent a text and when my we tried to reply to it the text wouldn’t go through.


Please be mindful of this SCAM!!


Re: **Beware**Gumtree**Scam**

 I also advertised a painting for sale on Gumtree and received the following email:

"Thanks for the response, please consider it sold as i am willing to
buy as it is for my son asap,i have read through the advert and i'm
totally satisfied with it and i will appreciate it a lot if you can
send me more pictures,sadly i would not be able to come personally to
collect due to my present location. Please be informed that i have a
courier agent that would help me to pick it up at your preferred
location after you have received money from me. Lastly, what would
your final price be?



Thanks to your warning I called his bluff.

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Re: **Beware**Gumtree**Scam**

This scam is still going on.  Just had exactly the same email word for word and was asked to send £265 to her courier's bank account.  Smelt a rat so googled her email address and came across this thread.   

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Re: **Beware**Gumtree**Scam**

I too posted an ad on Gumtree to get a text asking me to email <removed>...... to advise if still for sale. Replied stating was more than happy with the suite and wanted to pick up via courier for her son but she was deaf and wheelchair bound and hey presto had banking technical issues therefore wanted my paypal info!!! Yawnnn!!! 🙄


Re: **Beware**Gumtree**Scam**

I had this email Thank you for getting back to me. Can you assure me that I will not be disappointed with it? I'm ready to pay your asking price, I'm buying this for someone as a surprise package. but I just want you to assure me very well on this and the issue is that I'm very busy for now and am not around but I have a pickup agent coming for the pick up after the payment has been made to you and he will be present for all necessary thing that is needed. Due to my job, there is strictly no call that is why I asked my daughter to reach out for me. But I'm able to access my e-mail anytime as I will make use of a wireless laptop. My Mode of payment is via PayPal as I don't have access to my bank account online, but I have it attached to my PayPal account and this is why I insisted on using PayPal to pay. I will be responsible for all the PayPal fee/charges on this transaction and I will like you to get back to me with more pics if available, if you don't have an account with PayPal, it's pretty easy, safe and secured to open one. Just log on to, so I hope we can make the purchase as fast as possible. I have a mover that will be coming for the pick up once payment clears and they will be handling the title for me. So I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kindly get back to me with your Full Name: PayPal E-Mail Address: Firm price: Phone Number Wilcox.
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Re: **Beware**Gumtree**Scam**

This is a scammer. Beware!



Beneficiary Bank name: Guaranty Trust Bank   Name: Abodunrin <removed>  
Address: <removed> Postal code:<removed> City:Ibadan State:Oyo Country: Nigeria
Account number: <removed> Email: <removed>