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Banned my account!

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Banned my account!

So I had to upload my passport recently to PayPal as proof of ID. Then I get an email saying my account is being permanently banned as I gave an incorrect dob 15 years ago when I signed up (was under 18). They said to just close this account and open a new one. But I can’t close the account... it just keeps going to the same page saying sorry account is Banned etc.... I can still log in and see my cards and transactions etc. Anybody experience this? Tried to ring numerous times but can’t get through.
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Re: Banned my account!



You would never be able to close an illegally opened underage account. Paypal permanently limit it and stop you removing anything connected to it in case you try and open another one against their rules.

HOWEVER as you are now 18 and they have said you can open a new one then go ahead and open one BUT you would need to contact customer services and ask them to remove any linked cards or bank accounts from the limited account IF they are able to and agree.

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