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Banned For My Entire Life


Banned For My Entire Life

Every day, people are getting banned on PayPal for poor reasons. People like me seem to be getting into these obstacles which has a huge impact on the way our business is ran. I’ve been banned on PayPal for life for such a silly reason which can be justified and fixed without any problem. I know people who have committed suicide because of PayPal support. I’d have to say PayPal support does nothing. I sent them a long email, and all they send back is the SAME automated response they gave me. I’m never allowed to use PayPal apparently, for the rest of my life. A LIFE TIME SENTENCE. How depressing is this? I don’t think they care at all, they just don’t. Please PayPal, PLEASE do something about this or things will only get worse.

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Re: Banned For My Entire Life



Paypal doesn't ban accounts for no reason.

What would be the point?

They want you to have and use a paypal account as that is how they make their money.

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Re: Banned For My Entire Life

Absolutely agree. PayPal refuse to allow me to send 30 pages of evidence of THEIR ERROR. THEY RUINED MY CREDIT RATING. AND THEY STILL REFUSE TO PROVIDE A LINE OF COMMUNICATION OR AN EMAIL