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Bad service of PayPal , no way to get the refund


Bad service of PayPal , no way to get the refund

I ordered touch screen and the laptop stand, but I received a very small handphone holder after 2 months.the company cheating me and no more exits. 
then I asked PayPal for the refund.

paypal wrote me a email to respond to the partial refund offered by the seller before 9 oct.

But actually I didn’t receive any reply from the seller and the PayPal.

And I tried to wrote something in the respond to explain that I didn’t received any offer .

when I respond it, always come out the sign of ‘ technical’ problems.

I tried more than 10 times in different time and dates, but always shown technical problem.

later in 9 Oct, I received a email and said that the refund denied And the files closed bcos I didn’t answer.

Then I wrote 3 emails to dispute , complaint. 
but always got no answer from the PayPal, I still hope to get the refund, but I don’t know what to do..bcos PayPal never answer my email. Thank you.

i still