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Bad company, item damaged when received, item not refunded via Resolution at PayPal

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Bad company, item damaged when received, item not refunded via Resolution at PayPal

Bought an item from website in Canada but once I clicked "Pay Now" I'm informed the charge will be to a company name nothing like the original website. Payment on to company named Tak Yuet . I googled the company to be paid....saw many **bleep** poor reviews due to wrong product, very bad customer support, slow orders, damages etc etc.. I immediately emailed trying to stop shipment. Called several times within minute or two of clicking for payment, Thought it was handled, bought item from another vendor, it arrived so thought two days later....thought my emails handled this, it was over. A couple weeks passed and I received a package with item hanging out of the plastic bag, scuffed and a plastic stand was not fitted correctly. 

Email Tak Yuet CS folks received email, next day they ask for pictures, they were sent. Couple days later received an email wanting me to ship back to them in Hong Kong....return costs on my dime to Hong Kong? The package I received did not come to me from Hong was received damaged and very poor quality (iPad Cover). 

The paypal resolution Complant I originally sent was for non authorized payment due to my emailing Tak Yuet within a few minutes (no one answered phone)...wrong verbiage but I thought it would stop them from charging my credit card. They processed it within a few PayPal is refusing to reopen the case. 

I do not feel I should be paying return shipping as this was damaged and a stand does not fit properly when it was dropped off....had I been present during delivery I would have refused the item as the scuffs and bags were torn open. (In freight business and know how to refuse an item due to damage)

Anyone here have an idea as to how I should proceed? It's only 40.00 but it is companies like Tak Yuet that prevent me from purchasing much more via ecommerce due to sorry customer service. Looks like PayPal would stand on my side as I'm the ultimate customer of both companies. PayPal makes money on both sides, ideas? Resolution Folks can you help....have not in the past.