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Bad Business <removed>


Bad Business <removed>

I purchased 2 items from this "shop" only to find out later that it was being shipped from China. First off, they do not let the customer know that their "shop" is an online only ordering "shop" run from an apartment, but that they are ordering from China which takes a few weeks or more to get your items. Secondly, when we finally got the package, my husband eagerly opened it to only find out that they only sent one item, the hoodie, and not the cap he wanted more than the hoodie. When he tried on the hoodie, it was about 3x smaller than what we expected and could probably fit our teenage grandson.

I contacted them via email as they don't provide a phone number and gave them our order number as well what our complaint was about. The person "Maya <removed>" stated that we already got the shipment as she has a record of it being delivered. I wrote back telling her that as I mentioned in the first email, we only got a PARTIAL shipment and never received the cap. She tried to show me some BS on their website about complaints... I told her that that did NOT satisfy my complaint and then I told her I would be seeking legal advice. That is when she tried the run around saying they are "backlogged" and I will get it later.

I told her that is not good enough and that I want a refund as I do not trust them. I reported her to Paypal and will also be reporting them to Visa, Mastercard and all other card companies. They are trying to run a scam only sending partial shipments and items that are not what they describe on their website.