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Auto Dealers scams, car dealers deception, car sellers fraud

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I would like to inform other people about a car dealer on eBay called William <removed> his username on ebay at the moment is "Fleetandreposessionsdirect" although he changes the username here and there as he was using "Repossessionsukltd" when I bought a car from him. This guy is a big fraudulent Auto dealer that I have never came across. He listed the Mercedes Benz C Class as "repossessed from finance company" without key, and when I messaged him he replied that the car was in great condition that I just need to program the key for it. So I paid him in full with recovery fee to London. Unfortunately, when the car arrived and got the key programed and start the car the engine was making a "tractor engine sound" according to the key programmer. When the guy opened the bonnet we found out that lots of things like drivebelt, tensioner, pulleys, ac compressor and engine cover were missing under the bonnet. I was fuming and called the so called auto dealer and he said it wasn't his fault that its finance company who gave him the car to sell, then I challenged him why selling a car that you don't know nothing about? From his feedbacks on eBay, many buyers were complaining of same issues and I don't know why eBay allowed this fraudster selling on this platform and not ban him for life. I would advice the public to steer clear from this scammer on eBay called David <removed> of "repossessionsukltd" or "fleetandrepossesionsdirect"

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