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Ask community

Since when did paypal make decisions on cases. My case had already been dealt with only to be reopened by paypal. First ever that happened plus any messages they sent i could not retrieve them from inbox so could not read them. I do not post overseas but they were being sent to a russian girl which they are entitled to do but i was being messaged by Andrew and two other russian names appeared.It was the oddest transaction I ever did and paypal did not help one bit. Their mind was made up already when they case was open. If they had read my messages from contact they would have seen the carriage crashed before delivery and Alfaforce stated themselves my items could have broke then.I think their knowledge of events was very very limited and was and still am disgusted as to how they carried out the case.


Re: Ask community

Hi maggiemay11,


Thank you for contacting the PayPal Community Forum.


I am unsure whether the case you are referring to is for an item not received or an item not as described. In either case if the buyer purchased the item and it did not arrive or arrived damaged they would be entitled to a refund. If this is due to an incident with the postal company please open a claim with them directly as they were unable to complete a service you paid them for.


- Siobhan