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Ask community

This site has got to be the worse ive been on to either contact or receive contact. Through their latenrss and no response items i needed for a claim have been disposed of by parcel worldwide. I sent more messages telling them i cannot retrieve items from message box to read them and anyone i asked could not either. Because of this the  items in office were disposed off leaving me no parcel or packaging as proof not to mention the actual items themselves which were broken bar one. Tried last night and today to contact them but got too frustrated i stopped as i was getting angrier by the minute. Think its a disgrace!


Re: Ask community

Hello maggiemay11,


Welcome to the PayPal community and thank you for your post.


As your question is very account specific, I would advise you to contact our customer care department who can help you further. You can do this by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of every PayPal page. You can also contact us via our Facebook Page or Twitter @askPayPal.