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'Appeal the outcome' button missing on case


'Appeal the outcome' button missing on case

Today received notification from PayPal that a case I raised in which seller sent vastly inferior and unusable item, not what I paid for. PayPal closed this cas, claiming the items were 'materially similar', which is very wrong. I was given no opportunity to upload proof that the item differs incredibly from that I supposedly bought, and wish to appeal. 


According to appealing is possible within 10 days. However, the 'Appeal the outcome' button / link referred to in this link is not present on my case. It is likely to take 10 days to get a response from online chat based on what I've experienced today.


Any one have any suggestions? I have plenty of evidence relating to this ridiculous product being nothing like advertised in terms of capability / spec, but have not been given any opportunity to present it.

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Re: 'Appeal the outcome' button missing on case

Amazing. Just filled out formal complaint on PayPals complaints page, typed a lengthy email with more evidence and my complaint... and when I submitted it, no record of it being sent and I was taken back to the same chat which responded to me after an hour initially with a dismissive template response and then nothing in response to any of my further messages over the last 7 hours. 


According to I should have an 'appeal the decision' link in the closed case. Nope.


So who do I complain to that it's impossible to complain, that complaint being that you've made it impossible to appeal a case, which was closed without you viewing the evidence hence have just made an abitrary and flawed decision regarding?


Impossible. Absolutely impossible. I have a lot more evidence which I have had no chance to submit, the text box when raising my dispute was not long enough for it all, and wouldn't accept all of the uploads. Way to go PayPal. You just keep on assisting the scammers, as long as you get your cut. Why should you care that a little girls Christmas present turned out to be a Chinese scam which you facilitated.