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Anyone had their account hacked - process to resolve

Anyone had their account hacked - process to resolve

Last week my account was hacked and 3 transactions were paid in quick succession.
I did all the normal thing - having worked in IT security - then opened a case where Paypal then sent details of it being sorted and closed the account.
I had already contact one supplier who had noticed the payment was fruad and so had already cancelled the other.
Money I rceived 2 emails saying transfers from my bank to Paypal had failed - they would I cancelled the direct debit as part of my security sweep and it was a good job I did because these where payments for the same transaction paypal had told were resolved.
Yesterday I had an email from one of the merchants to say the goods had been posted, not to me in the UK but to a place in Canada.
My paypal account is now show £170 owing to paypal and I can't use paypal to make payment because when I do a paypal message tell me this £170 will be added to that transaction.
I can't open a new case in the resolution centre because when I try it give an error - try later.
I sent an email to paypal support yesterday more and had to send another just now.

I want to ask is this normal? I've never had a problem before but if this is the future I think I'll have close my account, problem is pretty sure they'll then come after me for the £170.


Re: Anyone had their account hacked - process to resolve

Hey football4sale,


That's definitely concerning, I'm sorry to hear what you've experienced so far. In situations like this, we typically don't allow a second case to be opened in an unauthorized claim situation. When the claim is filed by the spoofer, this complicates things. We'll need you to contact us by phone, Facebook, or Twitter so that we can take a closer look and verify that the activity (including the unauthorized case being filed) was done by an unauthorized third party, and resolve the issue amicably. I hope the account is restored soon!


- Ashley M

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