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Any experience with


Re: Any experience with

considering this is posted on the paypal user forum, I assume you paid for your purchase using PayPal. If so, you should use their resolution process/dispute. They are generally pretty good about getting things resolved.


Re: Any experience with

What I do not understand is why is Pay Pal still doing business with them.  This way Pay Pal actually supports a scam, because I believe that is exactly what it is. I have spent EUR478 for an electric scooter two months ago, till this day I have nothing, accept EUR 10 bag which I received instead. Tom Top is claiming they delivered the goods, and Pay Pal closed the case because the goods have been delivered. Absolutely crazy...

BTW, I wrote all of that to Pay Pal, but I do not believe they have read it at all...


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Stay away from

I purchased an electronic device from this company.  I received the item but it died within a week.  After contacting the company and asking for a refund, they replied and asked me if I could take the item to a local repair shop to have it serviced.  I replied to their email and requested a refund...  that's when they stopped responding.  Stay away from these guys - this company is bad news!

Member is a complete Fraud

The company if you've checked is located in Seattle Washington, it's not!  Tomtop are people sending broken products to everyone and are products that don't even exist on the website.  It's people signing up with tomtop sending not tomtop's products but people in or around China.  Beware this is fake and you should never do business with these fake fruadulent idiots.   Their real number is <removed>


I have been told this might be an American company but having China doing the dealings.  Beware!

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Very poor customer service

My limited experience is based on a single transaction - an order for Bluetooth wireless earbuds for my iPhone.  Item received and appeared to be in good, working/sealed condition.


Unboxed, followed directions exactly and while they would pair with each other, would not even appear in bluetooth devices for any device I have - from my iPhone, wife's iphone, daugheter's iphone, laptop with bluetooth, Android phone, android tablet, a friend's Samsung phone, etc.  I even used a bluetooth signal scanner and verified that there is no bluetooth signal to connect to.


Contacted TomTop with every detail I could possibly come up with -and received a reply asking the exact same questions I had answered. So I answered them again.  They then demanded I record a video of myself following their directions and upload it to youtube (  I sent the link and waited.  Hearing nothing for a few days, I sent yet another email. Finally got a response asking me to wait another 72 hours as the information had supposedly been sent to "our engineering team".  


Today I got an email saying the engineers had determined the problem and said to follow directions.  The directions sent were the exact same directions that I had followed over and over (incluidng on the video I had submitted).


I am done with them and have submitted a compaint with PayPal.

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Re: Any experience with

I recently purchased from Tomtop - NEVER AGAIN!!!

The order took 3 weeks to come - despite being told it was despatched next day.. It did not come from the UK as the add suggested.. Could not communicate with them.. When the package did come I had to pay over £11 inport duty before the package was released..  Be warned - don't go there, they are bad news!!


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Re: Any experience with

They sent me a defective item drone. The controller would not pair with the drone. That started a frustrating and time consuming process that took weeks and I ended up with a $22 refund for a $40 item. I had to submit a dispute with paypal for a refund to get a response from them. They wore me down and I accepted a partial settlement. One of the reasons I settled was that I checked how much shipping to China from the US was. It would have cost me about what I paid for the item, possibly more. Keep this in mind if you buy something from them. There are too many good sellers out there to buy from toptom. Before I submitted the dispute with paypal I tried working with their support. First they wanted a video of the problem. I sent it. They said they have no way of reading the video. It was an mp4 file. I suggest that since it was one of the most common video formats that they find a way. They responded with suggestions which I tried. None worked. Then it got interesting. The email thread we were using back and forth was suddenly receiving a delivery failure "550 Mail content denied". Strange that this thread started to be blocked. I was able to send a test email and it wasn't blocked. I wonder if they blocked the email based on certain content like maybe the order # od paypal dispute #. I found another email for them that was listed in the paypal dispute information. I sent another email. They asked for a video. I told them i already sent one. They offered my a $15 refund. I said I would take $30. They said $20. Told them no. They said the best they could do was $22. As I mentioned I took it because this has been WAY too time consuming. Also the next step would be to file a claim and I was risking that they would ask me to return the item. Shipping to China would have possibly been more that I paid for the item.

Re: Any experience with

TomTop has been trying to wear me down too - even suggesting I find a "local repair shop" to fix the earbuds!!!  Seriously...


OF paticular intrest - The instructions they provide with the earbuds I purhcased, and the instructions they emailed me all did NOT work.  Even videos on YouTube (which matched the instructions they provided) did not get these to pair with any devices.  


So - I found some instructions from an unrelated page, which called for paring a single earbud with the device in question, THEN pairing the other... and it worked!  So now my earbuds from TomTop are working.  


Still - Best they offered was just less than half what I paid. A consumer shouldn't be out ANY cost when a product is defective.


Re: Any experience with

Sounds familiar. When they demanded I do a video - they said nothing about sending it to them -they wanted it uploaded to youtube... I guess that's their solution to he issue of not being able to read a file...?


And yes - it is rediculous to have to open a paypal dispute simply to get them to reply to your contact.

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Placed Order never recieved it

I place and order for one iteam about two months ago and no product ship. no one can help why...i would think the company could be a scam, they were quick to the PayPal pament however