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Any experience with

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Re: Any experience with

I ordered an electronic product one month ago and I haven't received it. All my emails are bounced back and there's no one answering calls.

I feel like it is a fraud. 

I will try to get refund from paypal, but I don't trust this tomtop anymore. 

@LeoChiliLioness wrote:

I'm a recent customer for and every nerve in me tells me I've made a mistake. I've read online reviews for Tomtop and every one of them says something negative about the site. I've even tried contacting the seller about the purchase I made but I don't get a response. I keep receiving an email telling me (in Chinese) that my emails have been bounced, multiple times. I've even opened up a dispute in Paypal complaining about not receiving my items but still nothing from the seller. Does Tomtop even exist? Is this a scam website? Who is


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Re: Any experience with

Me too. I hope PayPal will reject them from sales too.
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One word: SCAMMERS

That's exactly how I refer to TomTop from now on, since they STOLE MY MONEY.
Since couple months ago, I ordered 2 expensive items (DJI Mavic Pro + DJI Goggles), order number AA17H01U4502-GLSVLD - a purchase worth over USD2,000 - and they NEVER SHIPPED MY ITEMS.

They were able to get away with this so far because they led me into believing they had shipped my items by giving me FAKE TRACKING NUMBERS (you can check them for yourselves: KFYBR7081700539YQ and 83407808151 - these numbers don't provide any status information)!!

If I can give one piece of advice for new buyers, is to STAY AWAY FROM TOMTOP - all year long, they lure new buyers with extremely low prices but they end up taking up your money and NEVER SHIPPING ANYTHING.

BEWARE TOMTOP - They are the worst SCAM ARTISTS I've ever seen!

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Re: One word: SCAMMERS

Did you ever get your money back. I'm in a similar situation as you were and I'd like some advice if possible please
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Re: One word: SCAMMERS



If you didn't get your item then you should open a dispute for non receipt??

Advice is voluntarily given.
Kudos / Solution appreciated if I helped you.

Re: One word: SCAMMERS

If you paid via PayPal, you are protected, usually.

Did you raise an issue with PayPal?

I have nothing but praise for that protection, which I have used twice now, and received full refunds both times.

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Re: Any experience with

They are scams. I bought a drone from them which was defective, and even though they have  a 14 day return-for-any-reason window, they would not take it back, gave one excuse after another and wanted me to ship it to China on my own money

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Re: Any experience with

Yes, me too!! I ordered something for a Christmas present on November 27th.... 7 to 15 days shipping, hoping that it would get here by Christmas. It has said dispatched for some time now, but when I emailed to find out where it's at, this company tells me that it's in pre-processing and that it won't be shipped out until next week I told them to cancel but I don't know if they will. Seems like a scam to me. There are too many complaints!
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Re: Any experience with

You ordered yours on November 27th.  I ordered mine of November 4th.  The shipment tracking information was last updated November 13th.  It is now December 28th, three days after Christmas.  These folks had the nerve to blame the shipment on California fires when all my other purchases originating from China arrived just fine within 2 to 3 weeks.  Their standard email reply was please wait and wait and wait.  I've been waiting close to 8 weeks and nothing yet.   Really?? You're gonna try to blame the delay on a natural disaster when it clearly effected no one else???  That's low.  Avoid TomTop like the plague.  These folks are dishonest and you're at least 50/50 on getting your item.


I don't know why PayPal continues to process payment with these clowns.  PayPal needs to put its foot down.

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en dehors du fait que 3 achats sur 12 ne sont jamais arrivés ...
en dehors du fait que 2 achats sur ces 12 ne fonctionnent pas ...
Il reste le 0% du service après vente !
J'achète depuis longtemps chez Gearbest, banggood, ... jamais eu de problème.
Avec tomtop, c'est la déception TOTALE.
Je ne suis pas là pour faire de l'anti-pub.
Je fourni à qui le demande toutes les preuves en ma possession.
Dernier détail IMPORTANT ! ::

Vous commandez un objet avec transport gratuit (c'est dans la plupart des cas) :

Si l'objet arrive deffectueux ou non correspondant ... vous devez le renvoyer A VOS FRAIS !
Autant dire que " vous asseyez dessus" !
A fuir !