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Another “ysole Co., Ltd.“ Scam.


Another “ysole Co., Ltd.“ Scam.

I have been scammed by ysole Co., Ltd.“.  

None of the tracking numbers they provided me were valid.  I requested the delivery company name many times with no response.

They then insulted me by trying to offer me a $5.00 coupon to buy from them again.  They already have scammed me of $35.00 USD.

The two emails below do not provide any substance of honesty.

- shopify-service

- hotstore

Unfortunately my complaint to PayPal was denied.  No property investigation was taken place.

I work hard for my money and found it very disappointing to be scammed by "ysole Co., Ltd." like many others have been.

Please be aware of any dealings with "ysole Co., Ltd" in the future.  I will now not use PayPal for making payments in the future and will do direct deposits. Not through PayPal.

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Re: Another “ysole Co., Ltd.“ Scam.



As you haven't said which dispute you opened and what happened then sadly can't advise.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.