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An example of chinese scammers. Pay attention to details


An example of chinese scammers. Pay attention to details

I put two photos side by of two scam websites. Notice the FAQ is exactly the same for both. And if you click on the contact forms you will see they both lead to two different BOGUS email addresses. Meaning, if you send them a message, they will not receive it. I tested this by sending from my Gmail directly to those addresses. They bounced. There are always clues right in front of you. But if you aren't really paying attention, you'll be taken. It happened to me. But never again. It sickens me that there are so many scammers in China. But they are everywhere as well. Just not as badly.


I appealed my Paypal dispute denial. Then supplied Paypal with more proof. Honestly. These scammers are so prevalent, I feel as though Paypal isn't really trying. They should have people working full time to investigate and seek out these bogus websites to protect our money. But as long as they keep **bleep** up, I'm gonna be first in line to help let everyone know.