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An Unauthorized Transaction .. Case Closed .. How to Re-open a closed case?

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An Unauthorized Transaction .. Case Closed .. How to Re-open a closed case?

Hello everyone,


I live one of my worst nightmares,


Lase Thursday, I got a message from my credit card bank telling me that a transaction of 894$ has been deducted through PayPal, then an email from PayPal stating that I have given a fund of 1$, another email about the transaction of the aforementioned 894$, then a third email about an unusual activity with my account.. Wait! What?! I know nothing about this! I have not bought a thing through PayPal for two weeks except for a Windows 10 PRO licence for only 4$ through eBay from a 99.8% rated seller with over 25000 reviews.


Instantly, I logged into my PayPal account, the site asked me to change my password for security reasons. Long story short, someone has used my account to buy an item and shipped this item to MY OLD US P.O. BOX ADDRESS THAT I HAVE REMOVED TWO MONTHS AGO FROM PAYPAL. I have no idea why would someone do this, I raised an unauthorized transaction dispute, PayPal responded that everything seems alright! The same PayPal who has sent me an email earlier stating that my account has had an unusual activity and prompted me to change my password -has denied my claim about an unauthorized transaction and closed the case.


I said OK, no problem, I shall receive the item which is 200$ more expensive than the local stores where I live, and sell it later or even use it! Until now, the seller has not sent me any tracking number, I called the company of my US P.O. Box and they told me nothing has arrived. I tried to contact the seller through the email address listed in the transaction details, I do not even know if the seller is on eBay or any other online store, all what I know is that he is called New Vision. I tried to open a new dispute because I have not received the item, but I always get an error message "Unable to complete your request. We're unable to file a case for this transaction. You can contact Customer Service for further queries".




I tried to get help from PayPal through phone, email, and even Twitter.. I got nothing.


Please, help me, what am I supposed to do in that case?


Thanks in advance

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Re: An Unauthorized Transaction .. Case Closed .. How to Re-open a closed case?



Windows 10 Pro license for $4? Really? Those go for $39.99 to $188 retail, if not more. So something isn't right or odd there, could be related, could be not. I'm wondering how many of those 25000 feedbacks got their accounts burgled or mischiefed.


Not sure if after an Unauthorized Payment claim is closed if it could be reopened or reopened under INR or SNAD reason as I don't see any policy or documentation regarding that.


Must speak with customer service for assistance to see if closed claim can be reopened under different reason:

Click HELP at the top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US.

Kudos & problem resolved are greatly appreciated. 🙂