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Am charged when I didn't make transactions

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Am charged when I didn't make transactions

Debit Amt:NGN 3,290.34 Dr Acc:<removed>Desc:POS/WEB PMT PAYPAL *SCRIBD.COM ORD[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]19 @11:11 AM Avail Bal:NGN 18,058.74 Total Bal:NGN 18,058.74. The above is the message I got yesterday on my account, it came from PayPal but I didn't make any transaction of any kind. Please I need that money back!!!


Re: Am charged when I didn't make transactions

Hey @Udobak,


Oh no - unauthorized transactions are definitely a concern. First, I would advise you change your password on your account to ensure no further transactions go through without your permission. Next, you'll want to report the transaction to us as unauthorized so that we can investigate. Hopefully this information helps and the issue is resolved soon.


- Ashley M

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