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Alternative to PayPal

New Community Member

Alternative to PayPal


Question to other users - do we have any altnernative to PayPal?

I'm asking about this because I'm just really tired of unfair PayPal fees, buyer scammers, unfair policies, claims and returns.

This year I've lost over €5000 in various scams but PayPal always have closed all the cases in favour to the buyers. None of the purchased items have been even returned to me. This is sick. They make me an idiot. Currently I have another case. Scammer from the USA opened a case saying that item is not new... (it was a brand new item but in open box, open to take photos). I had to arrange the return, I paid for the DHL courier but he doesn't want to pack this item because he saying that he has no time for it, for packing and for courier's collection. The full amount €1400 will be refunded to him anyway- just in 5 days, even when item not shipped yet. This is automatic.

A few months ago another scammer from USA didn't return my Geo Scanner worth €3500. He was responsible for the return but DHL lost the parcel... PayPal gave him the full refund. One more USA scammer and I can close my business by the end of this year.