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Almost got scammed. Warning.


Almost got scammed. Warning.

Long story short on Ebay someone tried to get me to "send a ebay gift card" worth $300 to their "sibling" while at the same time sending them the item this person was allegedly purchasing from me (Pokemon cards).  I ended up confirming later that they were indeed a scam artist and had stolen someone's account.  However the whole thing looked pretty legit and I ended up even getting an email supposedly from Paypal themselves telling me that all I needed to do was send a photo of the card and then I'd have money deposited into my account for the sale I was supposedly making.


Scam Artist.png


Also Paypal could you please make it easier to report things like this?


Re: Almost got scammed. Warning.

PayPal is NOT doing their part to stop fraudulent companies. If PayPal is going to do business with fraudulent companies then PayPal needs to reimburse our money. We are not the ones choosing to do business with fraudulent companies, they are. PayPal‘s job to not back and provide service regarding fraudulent companies.