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Allow dispute to Auto-Close or escalate issue to PayPal??

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Just double checking I did the correct thing. I filed a claim for a partial refund for an item I received that was damaged. Two Vinyl albums that suffered sleeve damage in shipping (photos supplied during claim). Seller was responsive to file a USPS claim and offer a partial refund upon receipt of USPS claim. Then I heard nothing for weeks so I filed a PayPal claim for damage and a partial refund to make sure I got something back. Still heard nothing and PayPal said it would "Auto-Close" the case in a few days. If the case "Auto-Closes" is that in favor or the Seller or the Buyer??


I was unclear so I escalated the claim to PayPal to put into their hands, but now that could take another 30 days to process.


Thanks, Farducci

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