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Advise on Dispute


Advise on Dispute

Hello all,


I'd just like to preemptively thank anyone that is able to offer any help, thank you.


I recently bought a pair of headphones from 'TecoBuy'. When they arrived, albeit slightly late, they simply didn't work. Having reviewed their returns policy, I opened an 'RMA Ticket' and made them aware of the issue. On their returns page ( they explicitly say that they will provide a courier to collect the item it was dead on arrival. 


However, as I had opened a PayPal dispute which has gone no further than the opening of the dispute at this point, they are no longer honouring their returns policy and are instead leaving myself to return the item, at my expense. They have asked me to close the dispute and advised that they will provide a courier, as detailed on their returns page, once my dispute through PayPal is closed.


My two questions, or two areas that I'm for advise in are:


  • Is this normal practice? Would a company typically change their own refunds policies based on a PayPal dispute; bearing in mind that I am using their website to contact them and I've not touched the dispute short of opening it.
  • Secondly, if I was to close my dispute on this item, do I the availability to open a second dispute for the same item/ issue?

Again, I really appreciate any advise on this, I'm pretty much in the dark here.


Thanks again,

Esteemed Advisor

Re: Advise on Dispute


If you had to close a case to get a refund then it would be pointless opening one.
NEVER close a dispute / claim until you have a refund.
If the seller issued a refund then that would close the dispute automatically.
If he doesn't escalate to a claim.
Do not close it or he can ignore you and you can't open a second dispute OR re-open a closed one.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.
I do not work for Paypal.