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Advice Needed. Instagram PayPal Dispute.


Advice Needed. Instagram PayPal Dispute.

Hey everyone,

I paid for a 24 hour Instagram story shoutout my business ($110 with fees) and was told that the views are usually 200k-300k (I was also shown a screenshot of a 100k viewed story). Unfortunately, 24 hours after it went up - the story only had 6000 views. I obviously got no sales with that, and I honestly felt kinda robbed.

The seller sent me an invoice, and wrote that it's non-refundable. He isn't willing to refund me the amount despite the result being significantly lower than what he told me.

I want my money back. Is this a worthy cause for a PayPal dispute, or do you think I would just get rejected? In all honesty, this is purely false advertising.