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Address is already provided


Address is already provided

I've been trying to register a charity account with Paypal for about 6 months now (only about 5 weeks of the delay is me being baffled by how to do that on Paypal, to be fair).

This is so I can sell stuff on Ebay to benefit the charity.

I have a message in trying to verify the Charity paypal account, that says - Please update the full residential address of the Company Executive(s);


And then a load of instructions... problem is, when I follow the instructions, the full residential address of the chair & treasurer are already there in the system.  With postcode etc. How am I supposed to update what is already stated to make it seem valid.  I don't know what to do.  I'll try to phone them tomorrow, but just in case I find that call just as confusing as everything else, I thought I'd ask here. Is 0800 358 9448 the best number? Thanks for any help.