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Adding debit card


Adding debit card

Hello my account was limited back in July and I’ve called PayPal over 30x trying to figure my account out well the other day I finally got someone who knew somewhat what he was talking about so he had told me they I couldn’t get my money till April because my account was limited in October and I firmly told him no it’s been past my 180 days y’all froze my account back on July 1,2020. Well now I can select option transfer to your bank but it won’t let me add new debit card or bank account and ones on file are old and lost then when I press option get cash and try to send it through XOOM it still won’t work. Just anyway please help me. I need this money bad !!!!
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Re: Adding debit card



You can't add cards etc to a limited account, you would only be able to withdraw to any bank account or card already on your paypal account.

So the alternative is asking customer services to add a debit card for you or why not ask them for a cheque as per link?

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