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Account still limited 6 months after bank/Grubhub reversed fraud. No Paypal help provided.


Account still limited 6 months after bank/Grubhub reversed fraud. No Paypal help provided.

Hello: Paypal doesn't owe me money. I already received reimbursement for fraudulent grubhub charges via paypal from my underlying bank, along with a letter from my bank including details of the fraud, plus a similar letter from grubhub, all uploaded to Paypal. 

(Paypal, by the way, was the first party to whom I reported the fraud and got an email response indicating that the charges -- traced to an entirely different person in an entirely different state -- looked just dandy to them). 

Anyhow, my account has been limited for well over six months. My bank naturally cancelled the Visa card linked to paypal that was somehow compromised. Paypal is insisting on "recent statements" from that cancelled card when there aren't any. 

I reconfirmed my identity, email, phone number, address. I changed my password. I (foolishly -- VERY foolishly) attached the new card the bank issued to replace the one that was cancelled to my Paypal account, and chose it as the default card to use for payments.  I uploaded the bank statements associated with the new card (which are the same statements that were associated with the old, now defunct card). 

My account is STILL limited. 

The craziest thing is that although I am so fed up at this point I am willing to simply delete my entire Paypal account (I don't trust their fraud department anymore), there doesn't seem to be any way to do that. 

Look, I get it. Coronavirus! Fraud cases are on the rise! Paypal was not my only compromised account!

But all the other companies that I have dealt with in trying to straighten out theft and fraud have ultimately been great at providing real help (yes, slow help, and it required jumping through many more hoops than before COVID, but they are trying, whereas Paypal appears to want to get rid of customers like me -- without actually giving us the means to close our accounts). 

Anybody, any ideas?