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Account limited


Account limited

Based in the UK, I have an old account, linked to my main Natwest bank acc, and some other debt cards for verification.


I send money back to my home country in an account which is in my name, hence it has the same title as my Paypal and UK bank account number.

I recently received an email asking me to explain 5 different transactions that I made in the last one year. They are varying amounts. Logging into the resolution center doesn't show the option for that. Instead it asks me to supply a Photo ID, and a proof of address document. It has accepted my Passport as a Photo ID, but rejected my bank statement, whose address matches my Paypal address, saying that it is the wrong document.


I have no idea why it is rejecting/not accepting the bank statement, which is an original UK Natwest Bank account statement (the same account linked to my Paypal). I would really like to complete that process, and then move onto explaining the 5 transactions.


I work as a freelance journalist and Covid-19 forced me to take up a variety of home-based work like photography, photo-editing, writing, editing, video-graphy etc. Most of the transactions are payments, also made by other verified Paypal accounts.


Would appreciate if someone could guide me. I would not want to lose my Paypal, as it my main source of income.