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Account limited for unauthorized sale of cigarettes?

New Community Member

Account limited for unauthorized sale of cigarettes?


Hello everyone.


I am making this post because I'm becoming desperate to get this issue sorted out.


I made my Paypal account in December with the sole purpose of receiving payments from WorkMarket Inc, where I worked as Transcriber. Ocassionally, I also help people out online in videogames and sometimes get paid for it. 


On February 28th, I received an email from Paypal asking me for additional info to verify my account and continue using it. I was asked for proof of address, ID, etc. I provided everything and the limitations on my account were quickly lifted.


Today I am going through my email, and I find out that Paypal has apparently limited my account yesterday. Upon inspecting the message (which I will attach to this post), I find out that my account has been limited for unauthorized sale of cigarettes, tobacco products or electronic cigarettes? How did that even happen? I do not have an Ebay account or any account on similar sites. I am a college student and work mostly online. Sometimes I purchase games on sites like Steam or Eneba. I have around 20 transactions including several bank transfers. Absolutely nothing could possibly point to cigarettes sale, which again, I DO NOT participate in. I don't understand where this is coming from.


I attempted to reach Paypal support on multiple numbers. I tried American phone number, UK phone number, Ireland phone number, till one of the support members gave me a number for Czech team. Upon calling that number, I get an automated message saying support is not available at this time.


Can anyone tell me how to dispute this limitation and who should I contact to do so, please?


Thank you!