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Account limited by paypal

New Community Member

Account limited by paypal

Hello everyone,


It is a happy Sunday because i wake up and see that my account is "limited" because i reached the limit of money transfer that im allowed to do. After reading the email, they (Paypal) sent me directions on how to lift the limit. For starters i have my account active since 2011. 10 years. Just note this. After doing transactions ~3.000 euros, my lift was put in place. I had no idea that 3.000 euros is some kind of account limit. So if im rich and wanna do 130.000 euros what will happen? They will suspend my life? Anyway.


For confirming my identity (super lol), as for my real name i provided my Driver's Licence and for Address confirmation, my bank's account transaction list where they state my exact address. Paypal reply back and states that Driver's Licence CANNOT be accepted because it is in native language? My Driver's Licence is under EU regulations and layout. It has the FRIKING LOGO of European Union top left and my name in both native language and english plus my social security number AND my age and my signature. So this ISNT enough for Nasa-paypal. Okey.


For my address they just declined my bank's statemement ahhaahhahaha this made me laugh so hard since my bank account which i used is already linked IN my Paypal account and they can see that its the same account. But they declined my documents anyway. So i get the solution to provide more documents. I log in go to the Resolution Center, press the button for my case and it says "You must wait 2-4 business days untill we check your documents". THEN HOW YOU REPLY WITH THE DECLINE BUT IN SITE YOU NEED 2-4 BUSINESS DAYS? Let me tell you why. Because you s**k balls 🙂 I have my account limited for 0 real reason and can't use it. I aint some kind of fking criminal after 10 years of using Paypal.


Is there any way to get help for my problem by any SANE person left in this company or in the community ? Thanks.