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Account limited because underage, can I use Paypal in the futur ?

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Hello, I created my account this year. I never ever used to for illegal stuff and always had a good gestion of it, my balance is still in positive. However, I'm an artist and got my first commission recently. To get the payment I had to verify my identity and explain the transaction. I did and my account later got limited. After rereading the conditions, I realized that I am not at the legal age to create an account (I thought it was 16). I understand this decision, however I would like to keep on using PayPal once I'm 18. Can my account get set back to normal once I turn 18 ? Or can I create another one ? If yes, can I still use my old credit card ? I tried reaching for the support but only got bot answers and never real help or answers. Thank you for helping me.


Account limited because underage, can I use Paypal in the futur ?

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You would never be able to use that illegally opened underage account again but once 18 Paypal may allow you to open a new account. However that  option is not guaranteed as you have already broken their rules once so you would need to contact customer services first and check its ok with them.

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