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Account limited because of receiving money from my client

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Account limited because of receiving money from my client



I received money from one of my client with Visa card, she does not have paypal account, then paypal limited my account 12 days ago, not sure why, they sent me an email says:

To help resolve the limitation on your PayPal account, we've sent an email to your buyer to confirm if they received the related item or service.
If you've shipped the item, please contact your buyer promptly and ask them to respond to our email, so that we can confirm if the above transaction is completed.


I asked my client but she said she did not receive any email from paypal, I messaged paypal to help me to fix this issue but they keep sending me auto reply, even I reply their message same auto reply come. It is the worst help I have received.

Any one can advice how to fix this issue?

Thank you


Re: Account limited because of receiving money from my client

Hello, designer020491. Thanks for taking the time to post your concern here on the PayPal Community Forum. The situation you described is certainly not the kind of experience PayPal wants for customers! I will do my best to assist.


In general, PayPal emails may get moved to a recipient's junk/spam folder and it can be helpful to add to an email address book to avoid this.


In the mean time, if PayPal has asked you to confirm that your buyer received the item or service, an alternate approach would be for you to add tracking to the transaction (in your account Activity) to show an item was delivered, or respond to any requests in your Resolution Center to let PayPal know the buyer confirmed receipt of the item or completion of the service. Your buyer may log on to their PayPal account and click Contact Us and then Email Us to send PayPal a message of their own.


I hope this is helpful. If further assistance is needed, please contact PayPal's Customer Service (via phone, email, Facebook or Twitter). Thanks for being a part of the PayPal Community!







Re: Account limited because of receiving money from my client

I set up an account about 2 years ago & have never used it at all & my son was telling me I should try it so I went to my account today only to find out that i have been banned for life because of some activity on my account so I tried to tell them I've never been on it it would have to be someone else & was told final decision without being told what was done on my account & then they flat stopped talking to me so I finally tried to call was on hold for 30 minutes but no answer. I think it's rediculious that they are just saying I'm guilty even though I'm no p& won't listen to me. I hope you have better luck!!!