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Account limitations


Account limitations

So I just got account limitations placed on my account. What a fun experience.


I am an American expat who lives in China. I still have financial obligations in the US so I keep a US PayPal account that I use to pay child support and buy digital movies, Christmas gifts for family back home etc. I do not have a US bank account. I use my mom's address for my permanent address in the US.


To remove the limitations it asks for my bank account, proof of address, and ID. I submitted the passport (the only US ID I still have) but I don't have a US bank account. I also don't have a cell phone account or utilities receipt to verify my address. Will my mom's utility bill with her name be enough (we have the same last name)?


I still don't understand why my account had limitations placed on it. I did buy about $100 worth of cryptocurrency using the new PayPal feature could that be it? I honestly don't understand anything about crypto. 


I have money in my account that I would like to use.  I've had this account for over a decade. 


Also, why is the phone service only available from 6 am to 6 pm pacific time? I am so frustrated and annoyed. Is anyone else having the same problems?