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Account limitation


Account limitation

Please help me figure out the problem.

I reached the limit of 2500EUR on PayPal.

I confirmed all requested documents  except address verification(proof of adress) 

I am trying to send  my official documents confirming proof of address, but they ask me to send bills (electricity etc), 

i dont have any bill on my name!

I rent my apartment and pay my rent every month, this is also written on the official rental document,  that I pay the full amount and do not have to pay bills ( on my name, they are on the name of owner&rental company ),

I also attached 5 official documents confirming my adress, where you can clearly see my official address (same as paypal ones). 

I am starting to have stress as i dont recieve any answer from customer support, and have money inside, which i can not use as well


Hope to find any respond 

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Re: Account limitation


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