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Account limitation


Account limitation

I’m at my wits end with PayPal please help! My account is restricted because I need to supply a document proving my business is a public company. Sounds easy right? Well I’ve gone to the resolution centre and there is no button the allows me to upload the document. All that is there is a message thanking me for information (other info I supplied weeks ago). I have sent emails and I called PayPal about this so many times I’m now in tears because all I’m told is that they will send a message to the compliance team and someone will contact me. Days later Someone contacts me via email to tell me I need to submit this document but I already know I need to submit this document! The problem is I can’t reply to the email and THERE IS NO WAY FOR ME TO UPLOAD IT ON MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Please help.

Re: Account limitation

Hi @sda4404,


Below is a link to the PayPal document uploader for uploading outside the Resolution Center. When the document is uploadedcontact PayPal to let them know that you have added the requested document to your account and that your case needs to be sent back into the queue, so someone can finish working it.