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Account limitation verification literally impossible


Account limitation verification literally impossible



I can confidently say that these 25 days have been the most frustrating and exhausting experience I've ever had.


As I have hit the limit of my PayPal, I've been required to verify my details.


As I am registered as an Individual, I was required to submit ID documents, proof of address, etc. Because the address I live at, is owned by my dad, I was told by PayPal support that I can submit a birth certificate which will prove my father's name.


I have submitted:

  • ID Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • Utility Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Birth Certificate in Latin letter
  • Birth Certificate in Cyrillic letter

And still, my account is not verified due to UNKNOWN reasons. I have been writing on Message Us page, but every time I get new support person, who is not reading my previous messages, who is just sending generic messages, and I end up explaining over this page to literally no one - just to get another generic message.


I have been told that I can see my case in the resolution centre, but:

  • There is no such a case in Resolution Centre about my verification process, it's empty
  • I am not getting any emails about my verification process.

Of course, I have been trying all day to contact PayPal by phone number, and haven't succeeded to talk with a representative.

I have also written a dozen emails and didn't get any answer.


My account limitation is scheduled for 21. September, and I have to pause my business. I feel totally helpless to verify my account even though I've provided with 5+ different documents, as a person who strives for fair and transparent collaborations.


Can someone from PayPal at least see my message here and help me out with this difficult problem?