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Account limitation - Unable to resolve


Account limitation - Unable to resolve



I'm contacting you in relation to a permanent limitation that has been placed on my account. I have attempted to solve this limitation via phone and via the help center, but sadly, my country is not covered by phone support, and the provided message length is not enough to explain my issue and look for a resolution.


I believe my account was limited because my software can also be used for Minecraft, as it is based on a open-source, platform independent API named "Bukkit". The respective API is designed to provide voxel games with the ability to implement mods to handle different characteristics of the game. The API is open sourced, and my implementation presents a valid use of it. Since the software is not dependent on any copyrighted material (such as Minecraft, or any other specific voxel game), it doesn't represent a invalid use of paypal.


Additionally, I have provided all of the required information to paypal in relation to my account, have a reasonable standing (with few disputes) selling digital products. Is there any solution to solving my account limitation and / or helping me withdraw the funds in my paypal balance (please note no disputes since my account was limited 2 months ago), or any guidance in contacting PayPal in relation to this issue?

Thank you,

Stefan <removed>