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Account hacked, someone else trying to withdraw money form my bank account

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Account hacked, someone else trying to withdraw money form my bank account

Logged into my bank account this morning, after being off the grid for a week, and there were 2 pending withdrawls from my bank to Paypal.  One for 1,000 and another for 3,000.  I alerted my bank and they said the y blocked the ACH payments.  I have tried on numerous occasions to contract a live person with Paypal and no luck.  Tried to report a problem and the resolution page sent me a message telling me I have to contact my bank since I authorized the transaction.  I want to talk to a live person to tell them my account was hacked and I did not initiate these transactions.  


Re: Account hacked, someone else trying to withdraw money form my bank account

PLEASE dispute the charges with your bank my bank protected me and returned the money but PAYPAL decided to place it as a debt in my account. First off This nightmare ended for me because i took this “identity theft” so seriously. Since PAYPAL DID NOTHING TO HELP ME after I disputed the charges with them. I reported identity theft to FTC (easy report, just google FTC) (maybe not necessary but i also reported it to my state attorney general office and IC3 since it’s a cyber fraud) i also contacted Equifax and placed identity protection incase hacker more personal info than im aware of. After this I went to the messaging center and i typed exactly this (I’m requesting a call I need to speak to someone about the debt and fraud that happened using my account) i was very persistent after this message with my replies and asked what phone number they will be calling from. they got back to me SAME DAY I explained EVERYTHING i did and how I was the one trying to stop this fraud and they did nothing i told them about all the reports i filled and immediately i get the we will re open the dispute you filled with paypal, it will take 10 business days. Not even 4HOURS go by and I received an email that they refunded the amount and debt is removed. The paypal lady literally said most ppl just dispute transactions online and they dont go this far to contact us about it. Which means they actually do nothing unless YOU take this very seriously. PLEASE REPORT THIS TO FTC. Apparently paypal dont take fraud seriously until you show them you will be taking legal action against it. Good luck and let me know if i can help with anything.