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Account activity not aligned with emails received from PayPal


Account activity not aligned with emails received from PayPal



I have an open dispute in the Resolution Center and I received an email from PayPal that asks me to "Review partial refund offer". When I log into PayPal and review the same transaction in the Resolution Center there is no mention of a partial refund. The resolution center states that this dispute is waiting for a response. If I try to respond in the PayPal website then it gives an error stating "Please try again. We're sorry. Something went wrong"

Where do we report bugs in the PayPal website?


I have tried calling PayPal but every time it says they have unusually high demand and do not allow access to a person. It can't be unusually high demand if it is always high demand.


There seem to be a lot of bug reports here and on the internet about the Resolution Center. It makes it look like PayPal is intentionally not maintaining that functionality, and intentionally not staffing the telephone service, and intentionally not providing a channel for reporting bugs in their service. One of the reasons I used PayPal we for the buyer protection and this is now turning into one of the reasons for not using PayPal. I realize this is a community so I am not expecting anyone here to be able to change the behavior of PayPal. But perhaps someone can explain how we can actually talk to a human being to resolve issues that the PayPal automatic telephone service has not been programmed to deal with?