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Account access Limitations

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Account access Limitations

I am currently at the end of my tether.


I have had ongoing problems with Paypal since opening an account for our business. I have filed a complaint and I have tried to send emails, which don't go to anyone it seems. I have had to send information, through their terrible online software, multiple times.


I have finally been asked to provide shipment details for the previous 3 items we have sold through eBay. I have entered the tracking number in the "Provide shipment details" tab of the resolution area and submitted, only for the bloody thing to continuously timeout. My 4th effort I left for 1 hour...still nothing.


Can someone here please tell me how I can SPEAK to someone to get this resolved please as Paypal seem to be sat behind an ironwall of computer software and the "community".



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Re: Account access Limitations



Click on the words "Help / Contact" at the bottom of paypals pages and use the phone option in the blue band at the top OR very bottom of page dependent on what country you are in. Scroll down past the list of help questions and click on 'Call us' bottom of that page. Log in and get the code.

When you get through don't select any options just hang on till you get transfered to an agent OR just say the word 'Agent'".

In the UK its free from any landline phone.

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