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Account Wrongly Permanently Limited


Account Wrongly Permanently Limited

Hi, my account of over 18 years has been wrongly limited. I have never broken any terms of service in my time of using PayPal. I primarily use my account to safely and conveniently pay for services and goods online and sending occasional money to family.

In July, my daughter sent me some money from her own PayPal account (she is 24 and has her own bank and such) as it was her birthday in early August. She wanted a new laptop so I agreed to pay her some money towards it, so as soon as she transferred the money to me, I purchased the laptop paying the excess from my own bank. PayPal has now permanently limited both of our accounts with no notice...

Can anybody explain to me what we have done wrong? They said I was using two accounts but I only have this one. My daughter is now 24 and has had her own account now for a few years which is nothing to do with me.

Please help with any advice you can as PayPal are refusing to get back to me regarding this.


Many thanks in advance.