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Account Restoration Debit Card Issue

New Community Member

Account Restoration Debit Card Issue



So, I created this account 2 years ago when I didn't really need it. I had linked my debit card to it and I had forgotten about this account before the card was verified. Now, I recently have had the need for a PayPal account but my debit card is still unverified and when I tried to go through the process of resending the code, it gives me the error "The information you entered is incorrect." My account is also limited because of this. Meaning, I can't close the account so I can open a new one.


I initially tried going to the help center but it did not provide any solution. It recommended I double check my information so I called the bank shortly after and confirmed that my information is the same.


I am unsure of what to do next and I would like to resolve this issue ASAP.

Any advice about this issue is much appreciated and welcome. 


Short recap: 

- Created and linked debit card to this account 2 years ago.

- Linked card was unverified.

- "Information you entered is incorrect" error when I tried to resend code.

- Account is currently limited.


Thank you,