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Account Permanently Limited due to Potential Risk

New Community Member

Account Permanently Limited due to Potential Risk

Hello Community,


I am selling Physical and Online products.


The last 10 months I am providing IPTV Subscriptions also with a succesful rate of 98% without disputes or chargebacks etc etc.


Before 2 months due to technical reasons from our Hosting Services we could not provide our IPTV Services but only a certain package. Therefore every payment that was coming to our PayPal account was being refunded and the customer was always informed about the problem.


Only in 3 occasions the customers filed a dispute after the 1st hour of the transaction.


The last month our Services came back ad we were up to business again.


PayPal started putting on Hold all our funds that were coming from our customers for a period of time or till the customer confirmed the receive of the Subscription.

We didn't have problem with that cause all the funds had a maximum hold of 14 days or 7 days in some other occasions.


Before 4 days PayPal asked for further information about our account.


Informations like:


Proof of ID

Proof of Residence

Proof of delivery for a specific transaction

Proof of supplier for the Services that I sold to my customers


I provided them one by one the above mentioned Proofs.

The Supplier proof was the PayPal transaction where I bought the IPTV Reseller plan.


After 3 days I got notification for Permanent Limitation to Our account.


I am so frustrated cause I delivered Subscriptions to my clients and I am not able to get my funds.


I called the PayPal help center and they didn't got to give any clear answer but only to wait 180 days to access my funds.


Has anyone else deal with something like that?


I find it really unfair to provide services and not having any disputes and getting limited!