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Account Limited by 180


Account Limited by 180


It turns out that PayPal limited my account by 180 for receiving a payment of a high amount, I uploaded all the necessary documents and gave my reasons and do you know what happened? NOTHING !!!

So how is it possible that paypal when he wants to do it?

the worst thing is that around 190 days or a little more have already passed, and you know what? paypal still does not release my money, so I'm here to see what solution you can give me, because paypal is not interested in my situation, nor is it interested if that money was for medical expenses, they only limit you for no reason, they LIMIT you FOR 180 DAYS, and even after 180 days paypal does not give you your money.

They claim that they limit to protect themselves, but even after 180 they do not release your money, there are many people who have to go through bad times with PayPal due to this same situation, it is unfortunate !!!