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Account Limited and Under Review

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Account Limited and Under Review

So my account has been limited for... I don't know how long. I can't provide an ID because I don't have one, my passport is expired, I only have a school ID, but I don't think I can use that. Is there any other way for me to verify my EXISTENCE so I can get my account back? All I want to do is change it from a Business account back to a personal and I can't do that because of the limitations on my account. Someone please help, I'm losing my mind:( !1!1!

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Re: Account Limited and Under Review



Are you over 18 yrs of age? Because you have to be at least 18 to operate a PayPal account. Yes, you will need to get a state issued Photo ID or DL. Do a web search Photo ID DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles)/Secretary of State for your state to see what's the new procedures for getting a photo ID. Due to the virus, I imagine you may have to set up an appointment to take photo and get issued an ID on location if these places are open for business. Fee to issue ID may apply.


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