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Account Limited and No Way to Verify My Account


Account Limited and No Way to Verify My Account

This is my desperate last resort, I have sent messages to PayPal on Facebook, sent messages on their customer support on the website, sent emails to the compliance team and called them so many times without getting any help. I hope this will at least show me how others have done it. 


My issue was that my account was limited over address verification, and I kept getting some generic email stating that "We have reviewed the information you provided and unfortunately at this time we are unable to lift the limitation until all requirements have been met." and asking me to submit proof of business address to this url ( but the page there said "Thank you for providing the required information. We’ll get back to you within 2-3 business days". Because I submitted the documents months ago, almost six months ago to be specific.


Now I first called them and was asked to upload the documents to this url "" because the previous page had no option for uploading the documents. So I uploaded both my bank statement, and a copy of my utility bill (internet payments) just to be safe. I waited about three days the got the same generic email. (I hate that email with such a passion now) 


This time the email was even more confused listing the steps to convert my account into a business account , but my account has been a business account for the last one year or so, making me wonder if anyone had even bothered to check out the account and its issues before clicking on the "Send generic email" button. Anyways, I replied back with a clarification that my account was already a business account, that the hub/cip page did not have any options for uploading (and I attached a screenshot of the page for emphasis), then I also attached the last six months of utility bills that have the exact same address that I have on PayPal. And guess what? After about 24hrs I got the same email.


Before proceeding I have some thoughts on PayPal support, at least in relation to the verification issues. Your Facebook and online customer support are basically useless. I got a completely useless response on Facebook and absolutely no response from the online customer support. As for the phone support, there were helpful in the sense that they informed me that they had forwarded my issue to the support. The emailing system is the worst, so much potential and yet no help, would it have killed you to type "Hi, this is the issue we have with the information you are providing"? Instead, I get somethign that does not help at all, it actually makes things worse.


I don't know what I am doing wrong and no one from the PayPal support seems to know either. They all keep informing me that they are forwarding my issue to a mythical "verification department/team/specialist" whenever I call. In addition, at this point I believe that no one is bothering to read through my emails, they just check the case ID, then send that annoying and absolutely useless generic email. At least if I were communicating with the people involved with account verification about the issue I would know where I stand. But now I keep getting an email out of auto-reply hell. 


I have read through other customers complaining about similar issues on this community and they all seem to solve themselves after they post them here so I am going to do the same and hope that the same will hold true in my case.


Ironically, PayPal is still accepting payments to my account but does not allow me to withdraw or refund my customers which puts me in the desperate position of hoping that this issue will get fixed before I have to deliver, and I am running out of time.


The Case ID is PP-006-244-024-554 RXI000, in case anyone from PayPal gets to see this.


Hope you guys can assist. 


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