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Account Limited Cannot Sell Crypto


Account Limited Cannot Sell Crypto

My account was limited and I "passed the test" by providing all documents requested. They did however ask me to describe my "sales". I am not a seller, I have sold nothing other than selling some crypto that I purchased via Paypal. After my account was unlocked, It was again limited a few weeks later after purchasing some additinoal crypto.  My account is now perminently limited and funds being held for 180 days. 
I can see the crypto valude in my account changing, and I fear is going to drop soon.  I cannot sale my crypto to lock in the current prices. Even if they want to hold my funds for 180 days, this should not limit me from selling my legally purchased crypto. 

The response on the phone was they could not assist and they sent me an email on how to send a legal subpeona to get my records, and to even find out how/why my account was limited to start. 
This is a serious issue and I will take this to court if I have to. Thousands of dollars are being held for an unknown reason. I did not violate the terms and conditions. This feels like a scam that PayPal is running since they want to continue holding my crypto and not allow me to cash out when I want to. Shame on you PayPal, SHAME ON YOU.   This will not be the end of it. 
Any advice or experience on this topic is greatly appreciated! I suspect I am not the only person this is happening to right now. 


Re: Account Limited Cannot Sell Crypto

I was told that the reason they have placed my crypto-currency sales on hold was because I had changed my pattern of behavior and that is considered "suspicious" activity. I was not aware that my buying and selling had t stay within the guidelines of a specific pattern and then stick to that without changing. Now I am trying to find a place that has a human voice so that I can ask them what form I need to submit so that I can change the pattern I use for my buying and selling of crypto-currency. Any suggestions? Oh, and my best advice to you? Document everything, then seek legal counsel.