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Account Limitations


Account Limitations


Has anyone ever had an issue with randomly getting a warning sign, alerting you that your account has been limited (basically gone), and you may never use PayPal services again? I logged in, yesterday, and have had zero luck or help in this matter. It says I can still login, but cannot send or recieve money, and they will hold my money for 180 days, then I can transfer it out. Until then, they have given no explanation and it is not a scam or anything like that. I dis the entire forward my actual email to the PayPal spoof email and all that. Yeah, it is no joke. I can't get a real live person on the phone. I just get the same thing over and over. Go to the resolution center, hit see Limitations or whatever, I forgot now....once you're there, hit resolve....etc. But, I am not being given the option of a resolve button. I did read about it and sent documents to prove my identity, but recieved an automated message on the app, saying the same thing all over again. This is extremely frustrating bc my tags are expired and my money is being held hostage. Anyone? 

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