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Account Limitations


Account Limitations

I opened a new paypal account so i could get my first online paycheck, and as soon as i hit withdraw paypal put limitations on my account and i can’t withdraw , send , request or use any of the money i have in my paypal account.I provided the info they asked from me like (Id, last bank statement, and a 4digit code) but i don’t know if they are reviewing it or not, i didnt get an email and i don’t really know why they put limitations on my account.How can i fix this?

Re: Account Limitations

This is a normal procedure Paypal places restrictions on your account until you provide enough information to confirm your account and this procedure is only one time
Submit the required information in addition to the ID card, and that will be reviewed and your account will be activated to send and receive money. There will be no problems.
I encountered this problem before and provided the information and my account was restarted