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Account Limitations that i cannot Resolve

New Community Member

Account Limitations that i cannot Resolve

I received and account limitation when trying to send money to the only person I've ever sent money to on paypal.  Nothing out of the ordinary.


Im told to go to the resolution center, when i click on it 


"Your account access is temporarily limited
We need some information from you to verify your account details or some of your recent transactions.

We need you to take action on your account. Some features in your account will be limited until you perform certain tasks on your account. You will be able to regain access to these features once you've completed these.
Reference ID: PP-L-xxxxxxxxx"

We’ll start our review after you have completed all of the below required tasks


and below the only thing available is a blue link that says resolve, i click that and it loads nothing for me.


If i try to click the notification from the little bell they sent me, it goes straight too a webpage that says it doesn't exist.


I'm getting NO where with their chat help.  And I've seen other people here post the same kind issues.  UDAAP UDAAP UDAAP


unfair, deceptive, abusive acts or practice.   You are putting a limitation on my money, i can't get it back and you won't release it.  It is abusive if you will not provide a realistic way for me to resolve it.  Im going in circles.    Googling Federal trade commission and how to file a udaap complaint


HAS ANYONE, been able to resolve this kind of issue?